20 Niche Blog Websites Examples Making x $5–$5000 Monthly

20 Niche Blog Websites Examples Making x $5–$5000 Monthly

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There are millions of new websites created each year, formed for every reason under the sun. More recently the world was stunned with THE GREAT RESIGNATION a new frontier of travelers and keyboard warriors that grabbed there laptops, a wireless hot spot and took up the battle of time freedom. The streams of passive income seem almost infinite when we dive into the digital world of website building, blogging, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing. There are websites of all kinds, but most commonly they have affiliations for monatization. This is either through selling merch, driving traffic for adds, cross promoting brands or services, or a mix of the three.

Recreation Hot Spot Finder — Help finding camp sites x free destinations
- freearenas.com
- 165,000 views per month
- $5 per month
Computer Keyboards — Research, info, reviews ,everything keyboards
- switchandclick.com
- 50,000 views per month
$3,000 per month
Gardeners — Grow the right plants, the right way!
32,600 page views
$85 per month
Anxiety Stress Depression
150,000 page views
$900 per month
Growing Plants
13,000 page views
$30 per month


These are systems built and put into place to create cash flow, generally for 1–3 years built off google analytics and SEO rankings. Hopefully you can stir enough impressions or cash flow through affiliates to sell the website at a 3–5X multiple within 24 months. We know affiliate websites and blogs follow exponential growth tendencies. The generalization is 6–9 months of consistent work with the understanding of little to know progress or profit. The next 3–6 months of slow growth, building and optimization. And if done correctly the next 6–9 months of explosive growth, and increased cash flow.

Backyard Birds in the US
95,000 page views
$1800 per month
Everything Ukelele
20,000 page views
$250 per month
Bios of Famous People
30,000 page views
$120 per month
Smart Home — New relevant technology and owning/creating a smart home
- smarthomebit.com
- 26,000 views per month
$120 per month
Book Reviews — Book reviews from different artists ; leaning towards fantasy
- fantasybookfanatic.com
- 10,956 views per month
- $46 per month


This is not a new concept, however, the push and the movement has only grown larger with many more opportunities then before. With those, new, ever present opportunity create an increase in competition, lower profitability compensation, and a rampant exponential growth of competition for attention worldwide. From Google and Facebook Ads while your streaming and searching, to Carl’s Jr. and Chevron Ads on your GPS while driving. The battle for your attention will continue to grow, and transform, over the next several years. And business’ are more then ever using this information as an instrument to corner as much attention and traffic as possible to create funnels.


As the movement towards R & R continues ; ad sense and affiliate programs build, the cost of marketing with online ads will continue to exponentially increase in the next 3–5 and 10 years respectfully. The following 8 companies have given there recent sales metrics and data in order to help our community learn and grow through example and transparency. Please visit and bring traffic to these companies and reach out to us to feature your site on our next projects check in checklist. Curatedcontent.eth@gmail.com .

Prepping and Self Reliance — Articles/Reviews Disaster Prep x Readiness
- theprovidentprepper.org
- 100,000 views per month
$5,000 per month
College Class Topics — Info and Support for students from students
25,898 page views
$13.76 per monthLiving Green
16,000 page views
.10 per month
Tens Therapy
17,000 page views
$300 per month
Embroidery and Textile Art
21,000 page views
$250 per month
Fashion Beauty Lifestyle
20,000 page views
$0.00 per month


In this article you can see broken down across several niches, there is a huge discrepancy in the correlation with niche x VPM (views per month) x EPM (earnings per month). This is because of the multitude of valuation, and compensation metrics of each individual website. As well as, the analytics of the site, and its TAM (total addressable market) for the particular sector it’s reaching. This is why your personal business plan and mission statement are key. Create your SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and curate your processes to streamline success!

35,000 page views
$500 per month
Site Dev Tutorials — Tools x Demos to help with website development
- fitdevops.in
- 13,000 views per month
- $4 per month
Guinea Pigs — All things you need and want to know Guinea Pigs
- guineapigs.com
- 50,000 views per month
- $1,200.00 per month
Anime and Sports News- Personalized Articles of sports/anime preferences
- okatuarena.com
- 14,000 views per month
- $23.00 per month

Along with these niche websites it’s key to do a strong check on their values and how they match the metrics we’ve discussed in (Top 12 Values of a Successful Blog). We can check their website name as well as the name theme and feel of the site. We have many other checklists for technical specs such as the speed of site, and technical capabilities. Do you they have a cart, any follow up algo to inform about choices with their cart, etc. Then you have the visual aspects, how your eye moves throughout, is it simple, or is it boring? is it attention grabbing yet calm or just loud and overwhelming? There is a lot involved in the construction of a successful website far beyond these checklists, the copy has to be there. The ability for the website to create, drive, steer, and retain attention being your first key metric. The systematic monetization of these impressions is a close second. Remember we practice systems over flooding, as we want to focus our attention and guide our results. We are creating systems within these sets of articles to build foundations for a successful community.

We want to build in all streams of passive income but focus on what means most to each of us and focus on our strengths. I’m heavily invested in finance as enjoy numbers, equations and problem solving. So I’m finding ways to increase our financial literacy trough stocks crypto and credit. And free money is always the best way to start. Coinbase was the front runner in 2021 in the for crypto investing and yet offered some of the lowest yeilds for crypto wallets and platforms. Especially compared to companies like Voyager Digital and the Nexo Wallet.

This is not financial advice as ALL of my information and content is meant exclusively for entertainment purposes only, and is simply my opinion or thoughts on current situations.

Congratulations on taking steps toward securing your financial future! Remember, as a language model, I am not a licensed financial advisor and the information provided is not financial advice. Investing in your future is crucial, especially when taking advantage of the power of compound interest. Additionally, creating a happy and productive environment for yourself is just as important. I highly recommend checking out these amazing platforms for unique and personalized home decor and fine art options — Curated Home Goods and Artist Curated

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